Privacy policy

Here you can read about your terms 
and conditions when creating a
user, during trades and when using
FlowRobe's app in general. If you
have any doubts, please
feel free to contact us at or in a
message on our Facebook page.

FlowRobe is offered by 
Robagusta IVS, Coastal Park 78 - 
6710 Esbjerg V, 
CVR no. 38,569,120th

The conditions consist of 
seven parts: The first is 
about the terms of your
user account. 
The second part is about common
terms for trading on FlowRobe.
The third part is about the terms
of use of FlowRobe's trading system
and your rights as a seller and 
buyer in this context.
The fourth part deals with the 
general use of FlowRobe, including
our expectations of communication 
between users, which also helps
to ensure the best experience
with the platform.
The fifth part deals with general 
terms of credit. The sixth section 
deals with the FlowRobe account 
and its terms.
The seventh part is about earning 
and using “Bonus”.
Privacy Policy Disclosure

1. User account

1.1. General terms and conditions

You may only create one user
account on FlowRobe, which is 
strictly personal and may not be
lent to or shared with others.
FlowRobe is primarily a platform
for individuals. 
FlowRobe does not allow business 
users who sell new goods or large
lots for resale. However, FlowRobe 
is happy to allow business users 
who sell used goods.
Violation of these rules as well as
non-authorization may result in 
FlowRobe reserves the right to
suspend or terminate a user's 
account that is or appears to us 
to be in violation of the terms
of use of FlowRobe or applicable 
law in the country of residence.
We reserve the right to suspend or
cancel a user's account and 
to suspend or cancel listings and
trades associated with such
accounts if false registration 
information or other abuse of 
FlowRobe's services has been
provided or if FlowRobe considers
the user undesirable.
Persons whose account has been
suspended or canceled may not
re-enroll FlowRobe'sservices without
prior consent.
This results in the removal of this
account without notice.
If you have knowledge or suspicion 
that others have access to your 
user account, regardless of the 
manner in which they have gained
access, you are obliged to report
this to FlowRobe. In these cases,
FlowRobe reserves the right 
to block that user account.
You must be 15 years or older 
to use FlowRobe.

1.2. Newsletter and advertising

If you agree to receive any 
marketing material or reminders 
from FlowRobe, you will receive
them in the form of emails,
notifications and push notifications;
general news and updates from
FlowRobe, including information
and offers regarding the FlowRobe
platform, as well as similar 
products and services offered by 
FlowRobe, information and offers
of new or improved features,
advertising opportunities, contests
or promotions regarding FlowRobe
advertising and / or advertising,
information and invitations to
events held by FlowRobe.
Please note that at any time you
may withdraw your consent at
any request and that you may 
set notifications and push 
notifications through your
user account on the Platform.
We will not disclose your personal
information to third parties without
their express consent for their
marketing purposes.

1.3. Liability and General Terms Intellectual
Property Rights

You acknowledge that all 
copyrights, trademarks and other
intellectual property rights to
and relating to FlowRobe's services
are owned by Robagusta IVS. 
You may not use these intellectual 
property rights or FlowRobe's 
services except to the extent 
necessary to carry out trades 
in the manner provided in 
this Agreement.

1.4. Lack of access to FlowRobe

FlowRobe cannot guarantee access 
to our services at any time as
the servers may be unavailable. 
There may be both a planned 
temporary closure or a technical 
crash, and FlowRobe cannot be held
responsible for the lack of access 
that users may experience.

1.5. Consequential damages

FlowRobe is not liable to you or
any third party for indirect or
consequential damages, loss of
data, profit, revenue or business,
however caused (whether due to
negligence or breach of this 
Agreement or otherwise), although
such loss or damage could be 
foreseen by FlowRobe, or FlowRobe
was made aware that the 
opportunity was available.

1.6. Force majeure

FlowRobe is not responsible 
for any failure to comply with 
our obligations under this 
Agreement due to factors beyond
which FlowRobe is not a master.

1.7. The effect on rules for using FlowRobe

By signing up for FlowRobe 
Services, you agree to 
FlowRobe Terms of Service.

1.7.1. Changes to the rules for using

FlowRobe reserves the right, at any
time, to change the rules for using
FlowRobe as well as to introduce
new versions of FlowRobe's services
without your consent.
Therefore, it is important to keep
abreast of the changes on a regular
However, changes to your detriment
will always be notified at least 2
months before the changes take 
effect. You may withdraw your 
consent to FlowRobe's rules of 
use and / or terminate your
user account at any time
if you do not wish to be bound by
the changes.

1.7.2. Duration of rules for using FlowRobe

The rules apply until they are 
replaced by new ones.
This version of the rules governing 
the use of FlowRobe and FlowRobe's 
services supersedes those
previously in effect on
August 8, 2019.

2. General terms of trade

This section deals with the general
terms and conditions for all
transactions entered into 
with other users on the FlowRobe 
platform. In these trades, FlowRobe
is not a contracting party, and 
FlowRobe thus functions solely 
as service providers of an online
marketplace. For all private trades,
the law of the country of residence
applies. For transactions made 
through FlowRobe's trading system, 
see section 3 for the
special rules that apply to 
these types of transactions.

2.1. Summary of trade rules

Transactions between private 
users on FlowRobe are civil 
purchases. This means, among 
other things, that the buyer 
in such civil purchases usually
does not have a 14-day return 
Therefore, we also encourage
buyers to complete the transaction
only when the product is occupied.
FlowRobe may suspend or close a 
user account at any time if it
is assessed in violation of 
FlowRobe's terms, FlowRobe usage 
rules, applicable law of the 
country of residence or other
good behavior.
FlowRobe is an advertising 
medium that makes available 
exclusively ad slots (postings) to
users and is therefore not a party
to trade between users, even if 
buyers agree to pay 10% of the 
purchase price for the use of
the platform.
Bids placed on an item in the 
ad or in a conversation are 
legally binding. You are thus 
obliged to buy and pay for a 
product if the seller has accepted
your offer, as well as if the seller 
makes an offer which the buyer 
You can withdraw your bid 
at any time if the other party 
has not yet accepted your bid.
As a seller, you yourself are
responsible for all statutory
reports to relevant tax authorities.
In cases of failure to ship, 
the seller must always have 
documentation that the item has 
been shipped in the form of a Track
& Trace number or by being
sent by registered letter.
A picture of the package, a receipt
for the purchase of 
postage / stamps or a postal 
code is not enough.
If the seller cannot show the 
correct documentation for the 
shipment, this is liable to pay
and must repay the buyer the full
amount of the trade. 
If the seller can document the
shipment correctly, the risk of 
the item being lost will 
be transferred to the buyer.

2.2. When is a business user considered?

FlowRobe is basically a marketplace
for buying and selling second-hand
However, commercial sales of
second-hand goods are allowed and
handled by FlowRobe under the 
same conditions as private ones.
However, the business user who is
CVR registered is expected to 
state the company name as well 
as the CVR listed in the parcel,
eg. “FlowRobe, Esbjerg 
(CVR. 38569120)”
under the user account 
information in the first and 
last name field. Please note 
that the private user who himself
manufactures goods for resale and
thus acts as a sole
proprietorship may sell as private.

2.3. Dispute settlement between buyer
and seller

If a conflict occurs in a trade
outside the FlowRobe trading
system, you still have the 
opportunity to report the 
incident to FlowRobe via We will 
advise in accordance with 
applicable law and from this
it is possible to issue
warnings and / or remove
the user profile if our 
rules for using FlowRobe are
not complied with.
FlowRobe's support is not required
to enter into the mediation between
two parties.
For conflicts regarding trades
entered into through FlowRobe's
trading system, please refer to
the special rules in section. 3.3.

2.4. Terms and Conditions of Seller

2.4.1. Seller's terms and conditions

The contractual terms and 
conditions in their entirety, 
which shall apply between buyer 
and seller in connection with a 
trade, are those specified by 
the seller, whether in writing
or otherwise.
The obligation to notify the buyer
of these terms and conditions rests
with the seller and not FlowRobe.

2.4.2. Accuracy of ad description

You must accurately describe the
goods contained in the ad 
description that you make 
available through FlowRobe services
and you are responsible for any 
errors or omissions in your 
descriptions, if the goods are
received in a condition other
than promised. Brand names or
other indications of origin
or make, sizes, dimensions, 
etc. that you include
in your product description
must be completely accurate 
and must not mislead other users.
Remember, if there are defects,
defects or wear and / or have 
you bought the item used then
draw attention to this by taking
a picture of small damage 
with a possible explanation 
in the description.
If a trade is reported for support
due to misleading or incomplete ad
description with text and images,
support will prevail and act in
accordance with the law of civil
trades in your country of residence.

2.4.3. Seller's ownership

You represent, as a seller of any
item on FlowRobe, that you have
full ownership of the item and
that you are entitled to transfer
this ownership to the buyer.

2.4.4. Your responsibility as a seller

As a seller, you are responsible
for ensuring that neither the
sale of the item itself, the
item description in the
advertisement or anywhere else,
nor any activity or communication
you undertake in connection with
any private transaction;
infringes intellectual property
or other rights of a natural or
legal person.
is a violation of applicable law
in the country of residence,
whether criminal, liability or
is false, unreliable, misleading,
offensive or derogatory.
is of a pornographic nature.
is listed on FlowRobe's list of
illegal goods, see section 4.3.
At the same time, as a private
seller, you must always be in
possession of documentation that
your item has been shipped in the
form of a Track and Trace number
or by sending a registered letter
in cases with no receipt.
If you are not in possession of
this and thus cannot prove that
your item has been shipped, the
buyer may demand a refund of any
transferred amount.
If, on the other hand, as a seller,
you can document that the item has
been shipped, but the package has
not yet been received, you should
contact the shipping company or
the post office.
It is recommended that you agree
with each other that the item is
shipped insured.

2.4.5. Seller's responsibility for bids
and sales

If you accept a bid as a seller,
it is legally binding on you and
the buyer.
That is, you are required to sell
the item to the buyer and do not
have the opportunity to cancel
the sale.
Conversely, the buyer is also
required to buy the item from you,
and has no right of withdrawal.
Acceptance of a bid is expressed
by accepting the trade request,
which can be found in the
platform's Marketplace under 
The Buyer may withdraw the Offer 
as long as the Offer is not 
accepted by deleting the Trade 
Request also in the Platform 
Marketplace under Trades.
As soon as the trade request is
accepted, the parties will be
given each other's stated telephone
number for further agreement on
After that, however, we encourage
the buyer to use our trading 
system. If buyer buys from his
bid or pick-up agreement, it is
recommended to notify buyer of 
FlowRobe support through the call,
as the trading
request system is an important
element to create a good user
experience for the seller.
Upon pickup, the seller must 
ensure that the buyer has the 
opportunity to inspect the item 
before the deal can be completed.
Upon shipment, the item must be
dispatched within 7 days of
receipt of the money by the 
buyer, unless otherwise agreed 
in the trade. Before shipping the 
product, it is the seller's 
responsibility to make
sure that the product is properly
Check out the rules set by the
postal service or other distributor
in order to properly pack goods.

2.4.6. Reporting to the tax authorities

It is your responsibility at all
times to report your taxable income
from FlowRobe to the tax 
authorities. FlowRobe cannot 
therefore be obliged to report a 
user to the tax authorities,
nor can FlowRobe be held liable in
relation to a user's tax situation.

2.5. Terms and Conditions of Buyer

2.5.1. Bid

As a buyer, you must be aware that
all bids placed on seller's ads or
elsewhere are, as a rule, legally
It is therefore not allowed to simply
bid "for fun" and this results in a
If this happens repeatedly, it can
be a reason for exclusion.

2.5.2. Seeking out illegal trades

As a buyer, you are not allowed to
attempt to trade in goods that are
listed on FlowRobe's list of illegal
goods, such as copy goods, 
animals, food and beverages.

2.5.3. Your responsibility as a buyer

As a buyer, you are responsible for
ensuring that any activity or
communication you undertake in
connection with private trades
does not;
infringes intellectual property or
other rights of a natural or legal
Is a violation of applicable law,
whether criminal, liability or
Is false, unreliable, misleading,
offensive or derogatory.
Is of a pornographic nature.
When a parcel is delivered to the
postal service or other carrier,
the risk of the eventual loss of
the goods passes to you as the
buyer if the seller can prove,
by sending a registered letter
or by a Track and Trace number,
that the goods have been 
dispatched. Agree with each 
other to send the insured.

2.5.4. Buyer's responsibility for bids and

If you submit a bid and are 
accepted by the seller, this
will be legally binding.
Acceptance of a bid is expressed by
accepting the trade request, which
can be found in the platform's
Marketplace under Trades.
If you make a sale or indicate that
you want to buy, you can always
withdraw it as long as the seller
has not yet accepted it.
If the item does not match the
pictures or description, this is a
matter between you and your seller.
See, however, point. 3 if you have
traded through the FlowRobe 
trading system.
Conditions for payment of the goods
outside FlowRobe's platform are
mutually agreed between the buyer
and the seller.

3. Special rules for using FlowRobe trading

This section deals with the special
conditions that apply to trades
entered into through the FlowRobe
trading system.
Note that the general trading
conditions described in paragraph 2.,
including the rules for bidding,
seller and buyer terms, etc., also
apply to this type of trade.

3.1 In general about FlowRobe's trading

3.1.1. Use of FlowRobe's trading system

Through a platform, the buyer has
the opportunity to make a trade
request that is valid until the
seller has accepted or the request
has been deleted. Within this time,
the seller has the option of either
accepting or rejecting an offer from
the buyer.
If the offer is accepted, this is
binding on both parties in 
accordance with 
Danish law, cf. §1 of the Contract
If FlowRobe or another business
user acts as a seller, the buyer
is offered a 14-day full return 
right, as per the Buying Act.

3.1.2. Transfer via FlowRobe trading system

When you, as a seller, accept a
trade request from a buyer through
FlowRobe's trading system, the
buyer will be able to complete 
the payment. 
Once the payment is completed, it 
will take up to 7 days for the 
payment to be processed and the
seller will receive the money.
Each transaction has a trade
ID number that FlowRobe uses to
subsequently identify the 
FlowRobe reserves the right 
to withhold a transaction before 
the money is disbursed if fraud 
is suspected. It is important that 
you, as a buyer, ensure that you 
have been provided with correct 
contact information before 
approving the trade request, so
that you receive information 
about the shipment from 
the shipping company.

3.1.3. Payment execution

Once a trade request has been
accepted by the buyer, the seller
then has 7 days to deliver the 
parcel in a parcel shop.
FlowRobe makes a proposal for a 
place of delivery based on the 
seller's location, but it can 
be submitted in any parcel
shop supported by the carriers with 
which FlowRobe cooperates.
The locations will appear on a map 
during the course of the trade. 
Once the package has been filed, 
the money is deducted from the
buyer's account and the seller
can expect to see the amount in 
his bank account within
1-2 business days.

3.1.4. Before shipping item

It is the seller's duty to ensure the
That the agreed item is shipped in
the package and that it must 
be in the condition described.
Recipient buys the item and thinks
the item is not as described, the
buyer has the opportunity to 
contact FlowRobe Support and start
a case. As a seller, it is therefore
important to ensure that
the item is described in 
detail, both through the 
advertisement description but also 
by means of pictures. See further 
information on what is
applicable here in section 2.4. 
about the seller's terms and 
That the item is properly wrapped.
Here, the seller must check the 
shipping company's packaging 
requirements to ensure that the 
packaging of the product
complies with these. If the item 
does not meet the packaging 
requirements and when the item 
arrives to the buyer in damaged 
condition, the seller will be 
held liable.
That the correct weight and size 
of the parcel is stated so that 
it does not exceed the carrier's 
requirements when the parcel is 
delivered. If the package exceeds 
the carrier's weight and / or size 
requirements, the carrier may 
legitimately do one of the 
following 1) refuse to ship
the item, or 2) post-invoice for
the weight / size difference.
FlowRobe reserves the right to 
forward any.after sales invoicing
That the item is filed in a 
parcel shop within 7 days after 
the merchant request has been 
approved by the buyer. If the item
is not delivered, the
reservation will end in the buyer's
bank account and the transaction 
will be canceled.

3.1.5. Shipping and delivery

Within 7 days after a trade request
is accepted by both parties, the 
item must be dispatched.
Both parties will be kept informed
along the way about the goods 
to the buyer. Once the item has 
arrived at the buyer’s chosen 
package store, it can be picked up
by the buyer. The delivery time for
parcels is usually between 1-4 days 
after delivery. The package will 
be ready for pick-up for up to 
14 days, after which it will be 
returned to the shipper if it has 
not been picked up by the buyer.
If there is a problem with the 
item when the item has been 
received, see point 3.2.

3.1.6. Validation & Security Check

For security reasons, if you 
trade for larger amounts, you 
may be asked to
verify with FlowRobe Support. 
This is also the case if you 
collect goods for a larger amount.
Trades via the FlowRobe trading
system are systematically 
monitored and some trades are 
manually checked for security.
For security reasons, the exact
reasons for checking are 
confidential, but they are based
on one or more parameters such 
as: amount, item type, brand,
user history, etc.
If a trade is security-approved 
manually, the seller will 
typically experience a
delay in payment for the item.
In that case, the seller will 
receive a notification about 
the delay. This is usually 
withheld until the package is 
registered as received by
the buyer, after which the 
money is paid out as soon as 
possible, typically after
1-2 business days.
The seller's FlowRobe Account 
shows that the money is on its 
way to the seller.

3.1.7. Security of money transactions

The FlowRobe trading system
uses the payment gateway 
Stripe or MobilePay.
The system uses SSL encryption 
for all transmission. All data 
is strictly encrypted.
Stripe and Mobilepay are PCI 
certified, which means that 
Stripe and Mobilepay comply 
with the Visa / Mastercard
security rules.

3.1.8. Fees at FlowRobe trading system

The buyer and seller trade 
insured, and if any problems 
arise in the trade, they will 
receive support from 
FlowRobe, see section 3.3.
For this service, we charge a 
small fee of 2.5% respectively.
buyer and seller.
The fee is calculated on the 
basis of the total trade amount.