– to your digital & social wardrobe!

In the app, you can swipe your way through cool secondhand clothes, upload clothes in under a minute to get likes, comments and offers, enter your wardrobe from everywhere, watch your environmental footprint, and of course follow friends and fashionable people.

Our burning desire is to make the fashion industry more sustainable by giving clothes new lives and to create the most fun, simple and sustainable fashion experiences. This is your chance to be a part of reaching the 17 Sustainable Development Goals by giving clothes new lives. Furthermore, it’s your chance to “get flow in your robes”. Come, join us today!

Meet the team

Simon Tykgaard Husted

Founding CIO (Innovation)

Henrik Flohr

COO (Operating)

Josephine Flohr Falberg

Creative Manager

Udarapriya Damitha

Lead Developer